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Paws For Friendship Incorporated is a non-profit Organization of Volunteers sharing the unconditional love of their personal pets with people in need throughout the world.​

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​​​It's said the souls of those we love become part of our souls forever

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"Everyone must leave a legacy and Paws for Friendship Incorporated

is the legacy of Jennie, our beloved Founder."​

HOPE's Therapy proving to be a GREAT SUCCESS In Brandon, FL

Hi! I saw your organization at the mall and got into a conversation with one of the members . I explained I had a 5 year old lab who passed by eating a loaf of bread because she went counter surfing and ripped through the plastic bag. Well in this bread there was a replacement sugar (alcohol sugar) called xylitol it killed her within three days . It’s extremely toxic to dogs and cats within the first thirty minutes it will “release insulin throughout the body. Insulin causes an increase of glucose (blood sugar) uptake into the liver, muscle, and fat cells resulting in decreasing blood glucose levels.” and cause liver failure, hypoglycemia, and seizures. there has been multiple warnings in 2011 and 2016 but never made the news and no warning labels were ever put on this product to warn pet owners. I have told every one I know to spread awareness so no one will buy this product pet owners need to know. I hope you can help me spread awareness and save multiple pets lives . Thank you for this opportunity to help my community
   - Emma Chaudoin   

Some angels don't have wings. They have four paws, hairy bodies,                          round noses, and unconditional love...........


We each hear and see the words 'animal cruelty' but most often dismiss it as something that happens 'someplace else.'  We are being conditioned to "mind our own business" or that if we report any such activity we have somehow committed a crime and now WE are the 'bad guys.' NOTHING can be farther from the TRUTH! In order to combat this and help save these precious and innocent lives from those that wish to do them harm, we have instituted a tab committed to ANIMAL CRUELTY. PLEASE, take the time to review this valuable information as it may indeed save a poor creature from a life of torture and misery. 


Personal thanks to our wonderful WEBMASTER and friend, Steve. He has always been a dear friend to Paws For Friendship Incorporated and we sincerely thank him for making our website so easy to navigate and current! Steve is retired and lives in Tennessee!

Paws For Friendship Incorporated

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​ ​PAWS is a Therapy Pet Organization proudly celebrating 26 years of volunteer service as of 2019. Our certified and registered pets and owners focus their visits to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. located across the Nation. PAWS is comprised entirely of volunteers and there is no paid staff. Tax deductible donations, are sincerely appreciated as they help us grow and reach those in need of a wagging tail!


 Disposition is critical while common sense, common courtesy and the desire to truly make a difference in so many lives are some of the fundamental requirements needed to join. We pride ourselves on the work we do and therefore, are not associated nor affiliated with any other organizations. Our Members are insured and certified! PLEASE know we do NOT require a CGC nor do we encourage 'Therapy Dog Classes' and we do not charge for evaluations.  IF anyone claims we do require a CGC or formal Therapy Dog class to join, please contact us. Please know if YOU want to enroll your dog into any 'obedience classes' please do however, be wary IF someone claims these classes make a 'Therapy Dog.' ALL the classes in the world cannot make a Therapy Pet. Disposition, well socialized, regular Veterinarian Check-Ups, etc are are all critical for a therapy dog.

  Thank you for visiting our website and should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.​​             

Our beloved Founder Jennie

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