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"Everyone must leave a legacy and Paws for Friendship Incorporated

is the legacy of Jennie, our beloved Founder."​

Hello Everyone:

I am reaching out and informing you that our sweet boy, Monte (formally known as Magic Montu born on 4/08/12), has just been diagnosed with the evil bone cancer (osteosarcoma). We are asking, on his behalf, for your prayers from pain and suffering and for positive healing vibes. We are still in shock and trying to figure out what we should be doing. 

We would like to know if ANYONE has any recommendations they can make as far as a specialist in the Tampa area for treating this cancer. Since we think Monte is at the early stages with minimal pain, we would still like to weigh out the quality of life options before making any decisions.

Do you know of any other greyhound owners that have had a greyhound with bone cancer that maybe we could talk to for advice? Holistic Medication? 

It only took a routine check-up and telling my vet that I noticed Monte was putting less weight on his left leg. I personally thought it was early signs of arthritis. My vet recommended doing some x-rays and that`s when we found signs of the bone cancer in his left leg at the wrist and joint area. I was told that based on the current x-ray, there were no other signs of cancer that have spread anywhere else. Right now, it looks like only the left leg has been affected. We have an appointment at a specialty + emergency facility called “Blue Pearl” on Friday, June  28th. We made this appointment so that we can receive a second opinion and weigh out quality of life options. I have a CD disc of the x-rays that were taken. We applied for the clinical osteosarcoma research trials at UF. Other than the bone cancer (osteosarcoma) diagnosis that was received today, Monte has been a very happy and healthy “retired” greyhound.

Monte is one of our dearest Members, so if anyone, anywhere has any information please email it to us at jenniesmom1@gmail.com and we will forward it to Monte's parents.


Some angels don't have wings. They have four paws, hairy bodies,                          round noses, and unconditional love...........


Personal thanks to our wonderful WEBMASTER and friend, Steve. He has always been a dear friend to Paws For Friendship Incorporated and we sincerely thank him for making our website so easy to navigate and current! Steve is retired and lives in Tennessee!


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PAWS would like to take this time to say THANK YOU to the following people and organizations for their efforts in FUNDRAISING which is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization. 

• Besa's Mom and her sister for all their tireless efforts to raise funds       for Paws For Friendship
Staff and Patrons at the Wylie Senior Center
Lowes in Murphy, Garland and Rockwall Texas
Home Depot in Wylie, Garland and Rockwall Texas
Wal Mart at Woodbridge Sachse, Texas for their generous $1,200 

   grant! Thank you Robbie!
Wal Mart Store in Murphy, Wylie and Rockwall
Management & Staff of Mansions at Wylie 300 Mc Creary Rd Wylie,

  Texas for all their help
Petsmart Management & Staff in Wylie, Texas
Pet Supplies Plus Staff & Management in Wylie, Texas
  Mr Craig Kelley, Public Relations Officer, City of Wylie, Texas
Josephine's on HWY 544
Chick Fil A in Wylie & Murphy Texas
Sachse Animal Shelter Angels
Donna Larson of the Wylie Print Shop for copying all fliers and 

  donating the cost and all her labor!
• State Farm Insurance in Murphy, Texas

Pattie Moore of Prosperity Bank, Sachse, Texas


​ ​PAWS is a Therapy Pet Organization proudly celebrating 26 years of volunteer service as of 2019. Our certified and registered pets and owners focus their visits to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. located across the Nation. PAWS is comprised entirely of volunteers and there is no paid staff. Tax deductible donations, are sincerely appreciated as they help us grow and reach those in need of a wagging tail!


 Disposition is critical while common sense, common courtesy and the desire to truly make a difference in so many lives are some of the fundamental requirements needed to join. We pride ourselves on the work we do and therefore, are not associated nor affiliated with any other organizations. Our Members are insured and certified! PLEASE know we do NOT require a CGC nor do we encourage 'Therapy Dog Classes' and we do not charge for evaluations.  IF anyone claims we do require a CGC or formal Therapy Dog class to join, please contact us. Please know if YOU want to enroll your dog into any 'obedience classes' please do however, be wary IF someone claims these classes make a 'Therapy Dog.' ALL the classes in the world cannot make a Therapy Pet. Disposition, well socialized, regular Veterinarian Check-Ups, etc are are all critical for a therapy dog.

  Thank you for visiting our website and should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.​​             

Our beloved Founder Jennie



Mary Beth (Mgr)

Besa's Mom 




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Paws For Friendship Incorporated is a non-profit Organization of Volunteers sharing the unconditional love of their personal pets with people in need throughout the world.​

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