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 Nox's story starts 20 years before Nox was born.  Nox's story starts with myself as a kindergartner.  When I was in kindergarten, I was obsessed with dogs (naturally, still am).  Due to this obsession, I was constantly reading books about dogs.  I decided then, that when I was an adult, I would own a Corgi and a Great Dane.  I would name the Corgi, Tater and the Dane, Tot.  Although I did not stick to my plan 100%, I stayed pretty close to it.  When my husband and I got married and moved into our first apartment, we drove 8 hours to pick up Finnick, our corgi.  Once we moved into a house 2 years later, we started talking about getting a second dog.  My husband and I agreed to wait 6 months after moving to get another dog.  Naturally, two weeks after moving into our house, we were making another 8 hour drive to pick up Nox.  Nox is an absolute goober and a momma's boy. He is known for his sweet disposition and kind eyes.  People frequently comment how kind his eyes are and how much you can tell he loves you. His favorite activities are annoying his big brofur, Finnick, following momma everywhere (I mean everywhere...) and playing with my two little nephews.  I quickly learned how much Nox loves children because of my nephews.  My oldest nephew was born a day before I picked up Nox.  That summer, I baby sat my nephew and watched the two of them grow up together.  My nephews absolutely adore him and he adores them. For Halloween, my nephews dressed up as cowboys and Nox was dressed up as their trusty steed. My nephews play with him, give him treats and wrestle with him often. Nox lays there wagging his tail fully enjoying every second of their attention.  This is how I knew he would be a great fit for a therapy dog.  I am a kindergarten teacher in Bellevue, Nebraska. Since I became a teacher, I always wanted to bring my dog(s) to work with me.  However, I never wanted to push it on a dog who didn't want it.  I knew Finnick would not enjoy coming to school with me, nor would he enjoy all the little hands touching him (he is an introvert).  However, Nox begs for attention everywhere we go.  Once I realized this, Nox and I worked on socialization, obedience and building our relationship until I found Paws for Friendship.  Now, we are working on introducing and building a program for him at my school.  Allowing him to come in and comfort children who need it or just a listening ear for readers.  I am so excited to see what he can do to improve my students' education!

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