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MELO is a German Shepherd rottie mix.  We adopted Melo from Pet Rescue by Judy (PRBJ) in 2012 when he was about 2 years old. Melo was left tied up to a tree by his previous family when they moved away in Miami, Fl. He was taken to a shelter in Miami where he was set to be euthanized for having a cold :( Thankfully, a volunteer from PRBJ was visiting that shelter and saw something special in Melo and brought him to PRBJ. 

When we first saw Melo, we fell in love immediately. We walked into the shelter and were greeted by his beautiful smile, we sat on the floor to pet him and he laid his head against my chest.  We were not looking to adopt a bigger dog at the time, but we knew in our hearts he had to be a part of our lives.  Adopting him was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! 

Since day one, Melo has filled our days with love and happiness.  He puts a smile on everyone’s faces.  He is sweet, loving, playful, loves to cuddle, and give kisses; he is perfect in every way.  We started bringing him to a couple of different fire stations about 2 years ago after his daddy became a firefighter.  We noticed that the firefighters really enjoyed his visits as he would go up to each of them and give them love and kisses, and they seemed less stressed out after spending time with him.  As first responders, this type of stress relief is important, and he is always excited to spend time with them. 

Based on Melo’s interaction with other people and at the stations, we made the decision to sign him up as a therapy dog through Paws for Friendship in February 2018.  I knew that his loving personality was a gift that needed to be shared with others. In addition to visiting the fire stations on a regular basis, Melo now also visits a local assisted living facility, and has joined the PAWS on campus program at The University of Central Florida where he provides stress relief to students during final exams week.  Just like Melo touched our lives the day we met him, he’s also touched many more through his visits.  He knows when we are going to one of his visits and he is always so excited and happy to give love equally to familiar faces, as well as new ones.  It is hard to believe that a dog that went through a rough time is still willing to give so much love to everyone he meets.  He truly is a blessing and we are so happy that his visits are making so many people smile, feel loved, and make a difference in their lives. 

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