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Harlin's story:

I got Harlin at 8 weeks old in January 2016. He was my fourth guide dog puppy in training. I was going to raise him for 1.5 years so he could be a guide dog for a visually impaired person. About a week into raising him, he was staying with another puppy raiser and got attacked by a dog. He broke his skull, nose, cheek, and jaw and came close to dying. He spent a week at the UGA vet school where part of his skull had to be removed. He's also blind in one eye from the accident. Because of his injuries, he was released from guide dog training and I chose to adopt him as my pet. Despite his trauma, Harlin continued to love other people and dogs. I knew early on he'd make a perfect therapy dog. I'm a pediatric physical therapist and work with children with special needs. I know Harlin's story and his happy, loving demeanor will help motivate kids during our treatments. I'm so excited to bring him to work with me! 

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