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Beverly Hammett has always had a heart for service. But it was not until 2007 that her passion and determination to make a difference grew. Over the years, Ms. Hammett lost her vision, developed Celiac Disease, had multiple eye surgeries, and had a kidney transplant. Despite these obstacles, Ms. Hammett was resilient in developing new independence skills and techniques to combat her blindness. She has used her knowledge, skills, and determination to make a difference in and around Starkville by dedicating her time with meaningful organizations that focus on disability and health awareness.  Ms. Hammett volunteers with the American Red Cross, National Federation for the Blind, Starkville Lions Club, and as a MDOT program coordinator. She can also be found mentoring at the Boys & Girls Club of Starkville and multiple schools within the district. Ms. Hammett coordinates a teddy bear and doll drive for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Volunteering is truly a way of life for Ms. Hammett. She uses these platforms to teach and train others about disability services, ADA regulations, and service dogs. Hammett passionately states, “I was given a second chance after my illness that allows me to make a difference by meeting the needs of others.” During the past year, Hammett served approximately 3025.25 hours. Because of her passion for service, Ms. Hammett was given the 2013 GIVE award.

When Ms. Hammett is not volunteering, she can be found with her family and friends or traveling. She also enjoys exploring the arts, music, , and different cultures. Beverly Hammett is a extraordinary individual that sets the bar for service for the community. She deserves the recognition for not only overcoming her adversities, but for also using her struggles to advocate for disability and health problems. According to Beverly, a blind person is not disabled, but merely differently abled.

Her passion to help others and her “can do” attitude is a true inspiration to our community.

((article courtesy of VOLUNTEER STARKVILLE))

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