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Lots of love in LA!

Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.............


Taz visiting a friend

Solli has found another friend

Rico helping in his community

Libby and friend enjoying a frozen treat Celebrating the Dog Days Of Summer at a Tampa, FL facility!

MELO's Firehouse Visit..

Ursula & Esmeralda meeting a friend at the airport!

Roto helping friends read!

Louie and his Mom visiting in FL

Love is ageless.................visit a nursing home

Sugar and friend


SIMON and Friends...



 BREEZY and friends

 COOPER relaxing at the Public library with some friends.

 Our 'Babies' at Work

 Nothing happens unless first a dream.............

Husker enjoying the love at the Library!

Love isn't love until you give it away.................

Ursula & Esmeralda's Mom made this gorgeous quilt!

Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself..... 

Reese is giving support to students in Riverview, FL

Duke visiting with a friend

Reese in Riverview, FL being a wonderful listener!

Sarah and her Mom making friends on visits!

Biggles and friend

Khalesi helping a friend read!

SUGAR, KAYLA & Friends

Sarah with friends

Melo and Lizzie bringing happiness with their visits!

Love is ageless................visit a nursing home......

        Esmeralda LOVES  to make new friends at the airport!

 Libby and a friend

Rico and a friend

Pandora loves hugs!

EDDY with a library buddy.

                                 The best way to find yourself 

                  is to lose yourself in the service to others 

Skippy and friend!