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      Welcome to the Official - Paws For Friendship Inc. - Website

Paws is honored by Alex and Ani with a large donation at International Plaza

 Nothing happens unless first a dream.............

Husker enjoying the love at the Library!

EDDY with a library buddy.

Lots of love in LA!

Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.............

Louie and his Mom visiting in FL

Skippy and friend!

Melo and Lizzie bringing happiness with their visits!

Love is ageless.................visit a nursing home

Sugar and friend


SIMON and Friends...

Love isn't love until you give it away.................

Ursula & Esmeralda's Mom made this gorgeous quilt!

Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself..... 

MELO's Firehouse Visit..

Biggles and friend

Khalesi helping a friend read!

PAWS visiting International Mall

Tampa, FL

                                 The best way to find yourself 

                  is to lose yourself in the service to others 

Love is ageless................visit a nursing home......


Sometimes stress relief comes in the form of belly rubs, at least for Ava and the staff at Cayuga Medical Hospital  :D

 and elsewhere......

 BREEZY and friends

 Our 'Babies' at Work

 Libby and a friend

Rico and a friend


TAZ visiting a friend

Solli has found another friend

Rico helping in his community

        Esmeralda LOVES  to make new friends at the airport!

Roto helping friends read!

 COOPER relaxing at the Public library with some friends.

Pandora loves hugs!

Reese is giving support to students in Riverview, FL

Duke visiting with a friend

Reese in Riverview, FL being a wonderful listener!

Sarah and her Mom making friends on visits!

SUGAR, KAYLA & Friends

Sarah with friends

Libby and friend enjoying a frozen treat Celebrating the Dog Days Of Summer at a Tampa, FL facility!

Ursula & Esmeralda meeting a friend at the airport!