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May I Introduce Myself.....

On this page many of our "BABIES" introduce themselves and their Parents (if they wish to do so). We sincerely thank them for joining and sharing their little angels!


Duchess is a two year old Labrador retriever.  We have been working together and volunteering at our local family shelter for almost a year now bringing happiness to the kids and adults who go there seeking help during difficult circumstances.  The majority of our time is spent working with children who are staying at the shelter waiting for placement in the foster home system.  These kids come from incredibly hard backgrounds full of sadness and trauma.  Many of these kids have had to leave behind the only "person" they felt really cared about them, their family dog.  Often times when we arrive the children are trying to work through big emotions for such little people.  It is not uncommon for them to be shut off and unwilling to talk to their human caretakers.  Duchess usually sneaks next to them on her belly and lays her big head in their lap.  Some kids instantly burst into tears and they wrap themselves around her.  For other kids it takes them a minute before they are stroking her fur and start talking to her, and with those kids she is extra patient.  By the end of our visit the children are usually smiling and playing a game of fetch or laughing as she does her silly tricks.  We will come back and visit for as long as they are staying at the shelter and bring some consistency into their lives during this very unpredictable time.  When the children find placement with a foster home, Duchess comes and gives them a parting gift, a stuffed black lab with a therapy bandanna so that they can remember her.  We decided to join Paws for Friendship so that we had the proper insurance coverage to visit these kids when they need us even if they have left the care of the local shelter.  We also wanted to be able to expand our visits to nursing homes, schools and libraries.  We've found that these other organizations are VERY excited to have us visit when they see we have the backing from Paws For Friendship.  We have loved working with this organization.  They have a great feeling of community and support.  We are excited to be heading up a new chapter for the organization where we live.  Each new member has been equally pleased with their experience as they join the Paws for Friendship Community. We are so grateful for the time we've been able to spend working with these incredible kids and can't wait to continue spreading joy and healing in our community.