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May I Introduce Myself.....

On this page many of our "BABIES" introduce themselves and their Parents (if they wish to do so). We sincerely thank them for joining and sharing their little angels!


Alfalfa is a 4 yr old Saint Bernard born in Dayton, Tennessee and currently living in Indian Trail, North Carolina with his large family.

Alfalfa is known for his large face and paws. He wears a bib and kids just love his size. He is great with people of all ages and just loves attention. He will walk into a room and just plop down on the floor so everyone can come and pet him.

He loves to follow his family around the house, sleep, snore and drool. When he is not dunking his head in the pool or stealing cat food, you will find him sleeping in the middle of a room.

 Alfalfa has visited libraries, hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, churches, therapy facilties, foster homes etc. and has completed well over 300 visits.

 Don’t let his large size fool you, he is a gentle giant with an amazing heart.

 There is nothing that Alfalfa loves more than serving others.​