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Sept 2019

Hug your babies much tighter, they just cannot stay long enough, they never could!


In loving memory of  MELODY

Heartbreaking news everyone, we have lost another precious little angel.


​​​Melody has passed away after fighting a brave battle with cancer. Her Mom and Dad made the decision to end her suffering. They adored their little girl and knew they owed her the dignity of letting her go. Melody was a retired Greyhound who knew nothing but love after being adopted by Laura and Dean. She brightened more lives, including mine, when I accompanied her and her Dad on visits. I remember nothing but smiles from all those she visited, I remember all the hugs she got from all the children she visited. Her Mom and Dad graciously shared her with everyone from VA Facilities, nursing homes, care centers, schools, rehabilitation centers, and more events than can ever be counted. She represented our Program with grace and made everyone fall in love with her. Melody brought comfort to everyone she met and will dearly be missed. We extend our sincere sympathy to her Parents at this heartbreaking time. She leaves a wonderful Legacy they can be very proud of.  

   They are just devastated as you can understand. Please send your prayers and thoughts to them at this time. They will find some comfort in that, they really do make a difference to their loved ones left behind. Melody made a tremendous difference in many lives and we will always be grateful to her Parents for sharing her. They can only stay for a blink in our lifetime. We owe them everything especially the love and respect of letting them go when it’s time. 

... to honor their memory