​​In loving memory of  SAMBUCA

Heartbreaking news everyone, we have lost another precious little angel.

Sambuca has passed away. She was a precious little girl who loved to brighten everyone’s day. Her Mom took her to comfort the crowd placing memorials at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando after the tragedy in 2016. The second worse mass shooting by a single gunman in U S history. It was also the second deadliest terrorist attack on U S soil since 911. Her size, Cane Corso, may have startled some but when they met her, they knew she was nothing but love. She shared her love with all who had come to honor those lost in the shooting. She went to work with her Mom and eased many children’s nerves while they were at the dentist’s office. She leaves a wonderful Legacy for all to cherish.

Her Mom sent this message and we wanted to share it.

‘I'm reaching out to let you know Sam passed on February 20th. She was initially diagnosed with an enlarged heart. We set her up with Baldwin Park Animal hospital for a sonogram for her heart. When the Dr reviewed the x- rays from her emergency vet visit the night before. (we only allowed the ER Vet to take x-rays) He disagreed that it was her heart. Her blood work and tissue were perfect especially for her age. He felt something was causing her pain that was stressing her heart. He started looking at her spine. He showed us that all her disks we gone a several places were fused. He told us her days were numbered due to the condition of her spine. So, we started a plan for pain management. She responded amazingly. When we got home, she laid down with me then walked to her kennel, laid down and took 2 deep breaths. She passed at home in my arms. I will love and miss her forever.’

   Her Parents are just devastated as you can understand. Please send your thoughts and prayers to them at this time, we know they will find some comfort in them. They really do make a difference to their loved ones left behind. 

... to honor their memory

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March 2020

Hug your babies much tighter, they just cannot stay long enough, they never could!