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      Welcome to the Official - Paws For Friendship Inc. - Website

                Welcome to the Paws For Friendship Incorporated website!

We have experienced so much growth in our 27 years it bears repeating without the dedication of our incredible Volunteers we would not be able to continue reaching around the world. Our Members define volunteer excellence and we simply cannot thank them enough. We sincerely thank everyone who will be helping us celebrate our 27th year, our friends, families, and those we have visited with at many events! The old saying rings true to this day! 'It takes a village'

    Our organization encompasses many areas from nursing home visitations, hospitals, etc. to our 'Community Outreach Program' visiting schools, libraries, etc. We proudly offer our services "free of charge" as we are all volunteers and there has never been any ‘staff’ on payroll nor will there ever be. Our Community Outreach Program will soon involve Crisis Response Teams to help those during our Nations Tragedies. 

    We focus on a pet’s disposition; if it has been well socialized; if it has any formal obedience or has it been ‘home schooled’ and does it enjoy meeting new people? Does it look forward to new adventures? Most importantly is it well loved and cared for by its owner. Does it spend its days crated with no outside stimulation? Does the owner enjoy spending time with it? Does the owner make sure regular veterinarian care plays into the life of the pet? These may seem like silly questions but you would be surprised what we have encountered in our 27 years. Common sense is often not a priority, it is to us. We take pride in knowing it does not take a Rhodes Scholar to do this, it takes a well socialized pet and an owner determined to share them with so many in need. PLEASE be wary of anyone selling 'Therapy Dog Classes', a Therapy Pet is not made in a classroom with repeated classes. Loving home, patience, basic obedience if necessary, proper Veterinarian care and YOUR desire to share them all helps to make a Therapy Pet. Please contact us for more information and why we believe this helps make a Therapy Pet!

   Too often many families walk away after placing 'loved ones' in care centers. Their only companionship are often the employees that work there. When pets visit it combines every wonderful memory that resident has ever had. How incredible to be part of that! Many are 'living history' and they love sharing their stories!

    We allow tittering as well as respecting the pets veterinarian after all, they should know the best care for that pet. The owner loves their pet enough to make sure there is trust between their pet and their veterinarian. We all know they leave us only too soon and we cannot do enough to keep them healthy and safe.

    Feeding the 'Raw Diet' has always come with controversy. Our thoughts are whatever is best for their pet is fine with us. Knowing your pet, and a good relationship with its veterinarian is key to the pet’s health. Constantly being aware of changes within the pet industry regarding food, treats, medication and general care are part of being a responsible owner. We try to keep up to date on all information regarding the pet industry so please contact us if you have any questions. We will feature many articles on our website. 

    Our pets are family members and treated as such so we are always looking for the best ways to care for them as each year passes. They simply cannot stay as long as we hope they would and take every precaution for their health and safety.

    We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to share their precious pets, to make a commitment that will brighten many lives as well as their own. Paws For Friendship Incorporated has never been about one person, it is about a rescued Great Dane named Jennie and the many wonderful Members who follow in her Legacy.

     Thank you for taking the time to visit our website (please view the numerous tabs to better get an idea of who and what we are) and for reading my thoughts. We have added a special area from many of our Members called 'May I introduce Myself' please check it out! If you find you are interested in becoming part of Jennie's legacy please contact us. 

It truly does ‘take a village’

Jan Schmidt


From the President