One of our Members will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: (866) 925-7297

For your convenience we have included a '2018 Donation Form.' Quick and easy to use. First, click on the button below which will make a drop down box appear. Click on "open with Microsoft Office Word" then click on "OK". Word will open the document then click on 'print' which will produce the final form. Fill in the information and mail back with your generous contribution. A great way to help out your organization.

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Contributions and Contributors

Paws for Friendship Inc is a non-profit tax exempt organization. As such it derives the vast majority of its income from the generosity of people such as you. We have never had any paid staff, we are a true non-profit. We are all Volunteers and not associated with any other Organization.  

Donations can be made in several ways:  CASH  -  CHECKS  -  PayPal

Cash donations can always be made at any of the public events held throughout the year.

Checks can be mailed directly to corporate headquarters.

PayPal can also be used typically made as a 'gift'.

While these avenues are short term and much appreciated, we would also request you consider placing this organization in your will or trust documents as a potential beneficiary.

We have created three classes of contributors:  PATRON  -  BENEFACTOR  -  PHILANTHROPIST

PATRON - a contribution made of at least $2500.00 ~ $10,000

BENEFACTOR - a contribution made of at least $10,001 ~ $20,000

PHILANTHROPIST - a contribution made greater than $20,000

Individuals reaching these levels will be placed on our website Contributors page and in any printed material such as a newsletter, status report, etc. IF someone wishes not to be recognized for their generosity we will honor their request.