One of our Members will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: (866) 925-7297

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To ALL potential members, please be aware that reference checks are done with the vet and the people that you list on the form. On numerous occasions the numbers that are provided have been changed, disconnected, or have no voicemails set up to receive calls or messages. Three attempts will be made to contact you by one of our staff members. If they get no answer, they will try to contact you in a few days. This is a volunteer group, so many of our members also work. Their time, like yours, is also valuable to them, their families, and their community.

Some of the individuals whom the applicants have provided are clueless about the dog and the applicant. For example, a lady yesterday said, 'she lives down the street, I really don't know her or the dog'. All too often when we identify ourselves and the type of info that we are asking for, they don't want to respond, answer or be part of giving the info. Bottom line, please inform anyone that you have listed as a reference they WILL be contacted by a PAWS representative and let them know it's ok to provided the information being requested.  Sometimes when a message is left, these references NEVER return the call, or try to help the person .

As time is valuable to all, if references cannot be contacted or will not provide the requested information then your application will not be approved.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


Download - Print Out - Fill Out - Mail

​Please feel free to pay dues with PayPal using this "Donate" button ONLY!

PLEASE add an additional $2.00 for their charges IF you are paying dues for one baby, $2.00 is the additional charge. We cannot process any of your paperwork without it. Thanks! 


Beginning January 1, 2019 you will be given the choice of either a vest or a scarf for your pet.  One shirt per Member, couples are issued two shirts. We do not have children's sizes in stock. We do not charge for 'Pet Therapy Manuals' we issue a Member Manual once you join. We do not believe in charging for any 'Pet Therapy Manuals.' Please remember all items belong to Paws For Friendship Incorporated and are Copyrighted and Trademarked and will need to be returned upon your leaving our Membership. We gladly will exchange Membership shirts, etc if they are stained, worn out or torn!

This is a common sense, common courtesy and respect for a volunteer Organization that visits facilities with children and the elderly. We expect our Members to use common sense and feel they do not need to be told how to act in public. When you and your pet arrive at a facility, making sure your pet has relieved itself outside and you have cleaned up after it, as you enter the facility you will often find several residents waiting to meet your pet! Usually you are with another Member that has already made visits to the facility so introductions begin quickly! Residents will want to know all about your pet! You quickly will learn all you are is their 'designated driver' you simply get them where they need to be! Questions will be repeated so you will soon find yourself answering the same questions with each resident! Respect and common courtesy exchanged with each resident, or patient, is key to your visit. Simple questions such as 'how old is your pet', 'does it like treats' 'how often does it make visits' etc.

You will be surprised at the difference your pet has made! You will also be surprised at how much your life has been enriched. The value of that cannot be measured in dollars and cents, it is completely heartfelt and absolutely invaluable.

ONLY the above 2019 Membership Forms WILL BE ACCEPTED

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Membership Information, PLEASE  read before sending any paperwork in.

Please know we do not require a CGC to join nor do we encourage 'Therapy Dog Classes'.  We do  not  charge for Evaluations of your pet, nor do we require you to pay for any 'Therapy Dog or Therapy Dog Skills' classes. IF you are told this PLEASE  contact us immediately.  Basic obedience, healthy and well socialized pet, very loving disposition absolutely, but please be wary of those who tell you Therapy Dog classes and a CGC are required to have a Therapy Pet.  Many pets cannot do this and that is a fact.  Many trainers are making a fortune on these 'Therapy Pet Classes / Therapy Pet Skills Classes.'  Basic obedience is wonderful IF your pet requires it, many do not. Please never forget, not every pet can be a Therapy Pet. Many simply do not have the disposition for it, yes, it IS that simple. We thank you for wanting to help in your community but this can be done without 'forcing' your pet to do something it is not comfortable with. Visiting those in care centers, hospitals, VA Facilities, schools, libraries, etc is an honor. Sharing your well adored, well socialized, healthy, and well-behaved pet can mean the world to someone in a facility that has no family nor friends to visit them. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Regarding information concerning evaluation requirements. We cannot publish them on our website. There is no 'secure' area and as everyone knows even Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Offices, etc information is subject to 'cyber attacks' NOR do we list any facilities we visit, we have had people 'drop by' with pets we did not know and several were not Therapy Pet material. Again, not every pet wants to do this OR can do this. Please respect your pet!There are several ways to help in your community if you are unable to do Pet Therapy! IF you have any questions PLEASE contact us! We are grateful you are interested in our Program and hope to answer any questions you may have! We do not allow visiting with other groups, this is a liability risk and we are not willing to put our Members at risk, both two and four footed. We have extensive insurance on our Members and know many other groups do not. In our 26th year in 2019 we will still not risk the safety of our Members, two or four footed. Thank you for understanding.

In the area - "Download - Print Out - Fill Out - Mail"  we have provided links to the membership application which consists of three (3) documents.  Please download these documents, print them out, fill them out and then mail them back to the address provided on the application. There are 3 pages to the Membership Agreement and all 3 must be submitted with the other paperwork. PLEASE make sure ALL pages are included. You can email photos in jpeg form to us at Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: the healthlist.doc will still need to be printed out and given to your vet. They can fax it to corporate headquarters. (866) 728-4828

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. Be sure to provide a telephone number and an email address so we may contact you should we desire any additional information or clarification. Please know the disposition of your pet is critical. We register and certify the pets once you become Members! Please understand communication is critical to your Membership, emails are exchanged frequently as a necessity. IF you chose to 'opt out' of communication with us your Membership will cease immediately! 

Regarding the Membership forms, we are assuming you have read them and completely understand our Program policies and are eager to join us! Please know we will keep your 'inquiry information' for 10 days so please make sure you send in everything needed to join! Incomplete paperwork can add up quickly so PLEASE make sure your completed paperwork is received. Thanks and please contact us with any questions or concerns. We are always available to help you with your questions! We have no paid staff, we never have had nor will we ever. We are completely donation driven and always have been. Please visit our Sponsorship page for many ways you can help our Program grow and flourish into communities throughout the Nation!

We sincerely thank our Members and friends who have followed our growth through the years. Your support and dedication are appreciated more than words can ever describe. Thank you!