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      Welcome to the Official - Paws For Friendship Inc. - Website

                    a little bit ABOUT us...

Paws for Friendship was founded in 1993 in Omaha, Nebraska. It became Paws for Friendship Inc. in 1995 when it was Incorporated in Omaha, Nebraska and in 1999 the organization established its status as a 501-C3 non-profit organization. Guiding it along through these milestones is its current President - Jan Schmidt. Not content to rest on these accomplishments, the organization gained International status when volunteers in Okinawa, Germany, England and Australia joined and became participants in the organizations programs. International headquarters moved from Omaha, Nebraska in 2006 and now is located in Tampa, Florida. We are all Volunteers, we have never had any paid staff.  This will never change and we have always stayed true to our Mission statement.

Never looking back, and striving to honor the mission statement, "volunteers sharing the unconditional love of their personal pets with people in need throughout the world."Paws for Friendship commitment to visiting those in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living centers, etc is paramount. Organizations such as the Kiwanis, SERTOMA and The Lions have asked for speakers and visits from the Paws for Friendship Inc volunteers. Other programs have been initiated to further this ideal. Consider the following:

Community Outreach Program - provides for visits to schools, libraries, adolescent facilities, etc. with our certified

                  therapy pets. The program is continually being updated thanks to the ever increasing number of

                  invitations we receive seeking our participation. We provide our certified and registered pets into

                  classrooms and libraries helping children learn better reading skills with our pets relaxing as they relax 

                  and read to them!

Paws On Campus - allows college students access to therapy pets during finals in order to help them cope with the


     These are just a few of the programs offered. For any additional information please feel free to contact us!  

We are not affiliated with any other Therapy Pet Organization, our Programs are all Copyrighted and we write our Policies in consideration of everyone we visit from the elderly to children. Respect for those we visit is something we do not take lightly. We realize it is an honor and privilege to visit those in need in care centers throughout the Nation. Thank you

Because of so many calls and emails we are addressing this issue with you to clarify what many of you have been told. Your pet does NOT need to be a 'Rhodes Scholar' to join.

PLEASE know a CGC is NOT required. Basic obedience is, common sense as well as a well socialized pet is. We do not believe in 'Therapy Dog Classes', be wary IF someone tells you the 'class' is required to be a Therapy Pet.  A training class does NOT make a Therapy Pet. A well socialized, loving pet, well behaved pet, YOUR desire to visit those in need are some of the basics we look for. Many pets can not be Therapy Pets, their disposition isn't suitable and we understand that, we appreciate your interest but please know not every pet can do this. PLEASE be aware many trainers are 'selling' these classes claiming YOUR dog can be a Therapy Pet with 'Therapy Dog Skills Classes'. A class cannot create a Therapy Dog, basic obedience is always a good idea BUT many of our Members are 'home schooled and are outstanding Therapy Pets! Please visit our Membership Information page for more details regarding membership. Because of cyber theft we do not publish any visit or evaluation information. Information is compromised everyday because of hackers who have no respect for others. Many corporations that spend millions on secured sites are still hacked into so  we will not release any information regarding the facilities we visit and our evaluation process. We are incredibly blessed with Members that  define caring and compassion. Throughout 26 years of blessings finding words to thank everyone is hard. Please know we are sincerely grateful and always will be. Thank you for your interest and we hope we have answered your questions regarding what many have been told. If not please contact us at any time.