One of our Members will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: (813) 969-1954

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As stated above, we neither charge nor receive any funds for placing any babies in need on this page. We DO however, ask that IF you wish to place a baby-in-need here with us that you COMMIT to maintaining an open line of communication with us so we know the status, the contact(s) name and phone number or email. Too often a baby is "dumped" here and no further information or updates are provided. We will NO LONGER deal with this. We appreciate your cooperation in trying to get these helpless babies adopted. Thanks...

Operation 'HomewardBound'

This program  attempts to place unwanted, lost or those 'babies' with special needs in their forever homes. Please note PAWS neither charges nor receives any funds for placing those 'babies' in need on this page.