One of our Members will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: (813) 969-1954

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IF you are renewing with us please allow $60.00 for the first pet, and an additional $30.00 for each additional pet membership.

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NOTE:  ONLY the above 2017 documents WILL BE ACCEPTED.

NO BLACK POLO shirts are available in 2018, we are eliminating the extra expense of them. Please let us know if you would like one and if it is in stock we will send it to you as your choice. PLEASE indicate a 2nd choice if your size is unavailable. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: The file name shown in the open/save box will not match the button document name. Record the name of this document so you can find it in your computer download area. When opened it WILL be the correct form.

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Membership Information

Like all other organizations we welcome individuals that share our enthusiasm and wish to become members. You will notice we have two areas with the forms in them. Please use only ONE of these areas.

The first area is "Download - Print Out - Fill Out - Mail". This is the more traditional way of handling forms. We have provided links to the membership application which consists of three (3) documents.  Please download these documents, print them out, fill them out and then mail them back, once fully completed to the address provided on the application. PLEASE make sure all pages are included. There are 3 pages to the Membership Agreement and all 3 must be submitted with the other paperwork.

The second area is "Download - Fill Out - Save - Email as an attachment". In order to use this area you must have a .pdf reading program (eg. Adobe Acrobat). You will click on each of the buttons and a dialog box will ask to "open" or "save" the form, click on "SAVE" and that form will be downloaded to your computer. When you click on a form and move your cursor to a field (name, address, etc.) you will be able to enter the information right from your keyboard. When the form is completely and accurately filled out please save it. We would recommend you use your name followed by the name of the form. For example: 'save as' - 'JohnSmithMembership'. Leave the bottom selection as .pdf. Once all the forms are filled out and saved to your computer open your email program and attach them to your email and send to - In the body of your email please let us know whether you have made payment via PAYPAL or will be sending a check. PLEASE REMEMBER if the entire paperwork is not completed within 10 days of submission it will be deleted and you will have to start all over again. Thank you for understanding!

PLEASE NOTE: the healthlist.doc will still need to be printed out and given to your vet. They can fax it to corporate headquarters.

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. Be sure to provide a telephone number and an email address so we may contact you should we desire any additional information or clarification. Please know the disposition of your pet is critical. We register and certify the pets once you become Members! Please understand communication is critical to your Membership, emails are exchanged frequently as a necessity. IF you chose to 'opt out' of communication with us your Membership will cease. Regarding the Membership forms we are assuming you have read them and understand our Program and are eager to join us!   

Thank You for your interest!