Please Support us when you WALK with Please download their free application and choose us as your Organization! You can add a dog as your walking companion! Tap 'Start Walking' and take a walk!!! Please ask your friends to sign up to help us to!! Thank you!!! Please remember to walk atleast once a week with the app to be counted as an active walker for us! Thanks!

Highly  CONTAGIOUS  dog flu spreading across the Southern US

AMAZING Patriotic "art work" in action..

PAWS is a Therapy Pet Organization proudly celebrating 24 years of volunteer service as of 2017. Our certified and registered pets and owners focus their visits to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc. located across the Nation. PAWS is comprised entirely of volunteers and there is no paid staff. Tax deductible donations, are sincerely appreciated as they help us grow and reach those in need of a wagging tail!

Disposition is critical while common sense, common courtesy and the desire to truly make a difference in so many lives are some of the fundamental requirements needed to join. We pride ourselves on the work we do and therefore, are not associated nor affiliated with any other organizations.

Thank you for visiting our website and should you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact us.

Everyone must leave a legacy and Paws for Friendship Incorporated is the legacy of Jennie, our beloved Founder.


Paws For Friendship Incorporated is a non-profit Organization of Volunteers sharing the unconditional love of their personal pets with people in need throughout the world.

NEWS! Our Friendship Train will be at the Keystone Family Fun Day in Tampa on October 21st!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• Will I have FUN during the event?

      - ABSOLUTELY, and if you don't, somebody better check your pulse...

Should I eat something before I go?

      - Food and drinks are sold at the event.** PLEASE be aware that PAWS receives 0, NADA, NO cut   

        of ANY of the sales of food and drink.**

•  Besides attending how else can I support PAWS at the event?

      - PLEASE purchase MANY raffle tickets and play the 50/50. ALL of these monies go directly

        to PAWS..

I hope all your questions have been answered. IF not, attend the event and find out for yourself.


Learn With Jenza Dog Training

Jan here - many times during the course of a conversation the question about 'training' arises. While PAWS cannot recommend anyone, I have personally used Lisa's services and can without any reservation recommend her. IF you have training questions or concerns please give her a call. She and her husband Dave will help you understand how important training is. They teach obedience beginner classes up to Advanced Agility classes and everything in between! A link to her website has been provided. 

Our beloved Founder Jennie

One of our Members will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: (813) 969-1954

      Welcome to the Official - Paws For Friendship Inc. - Website



 Disney Offered a Job to the 

 Student That Created This 

 Animation. After Watching It,

 You Can See Why.

The Day I Rescued


During this video, you will hear the story of Lucca, a 12-year old military dog. She served on hundreds of missions before she lost a leg in an explosion. Not a single Marine died under her watch. At the beginning of this video, you will see her receive the highest medal for valor. 

Contact us:  813-969-1954



Recent changes in the RABIES LAW that could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.

An Angel is reborn..

Watch what happens when one very special little pup goes from desperation to deliverance. From rejected to rescued. This little girl shows us that MIRACLES really do exist!

WISH LIST - Updated!

To see the updated "WISH LIST" consisting of those items that PAWS could certainly use please click on the button

    LOVE is ageless ........................... Visit a nursing home ..............

Please come and share in the FUN at Hamburger Mary's on September 10th! There will be AWESOME raffle baskets, 50/50 drawing, BINGO!! Great food and outstanding company!! We HOPE to see you there!! PLEASE call today and make a reservation before the evening is all sold out!!! Thank you!!